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Dry skin because of hand sanitizers and frequent washing

No one praises dry skin. But soft skin has always been appreciated and adored. Sometimes the softness of the hands was associated with education, culture, and the good life. It belonged to the upper classes, those who did not have to cling to heavy manual labor. These usually deepened the skin wrinkles and cut some new ones every month.

No wonder we love softness! We associate it with a beautiful life, with happiness and comfort. Plus, it’s also so pleasant to the touch!

Dry skin because of hand sanitizers

Covid-19 also causes skin health problems

The coronavirus is arguably the greatest modern enemy of soft hands. Alcohol in hand sanitizers destroys the hydrolipid layer of our skin and the good bacteria that are important for maintaining the skin’s ideal Ph. Alcohol dries out the skin and damages it. Today, however, there is almost no activity that is not accompanied by mandatory hand disinfection.

The skin is dry and irritated due to hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizers cause our skin tremendous stress. Our childrens skin is even more delicate than ours. Their skin is not used to aggressive substances from disinfectants. Children don’t usually have dry skin on their hands. Now,  moms are turning to us in hopes of finding natural and effective help for their loved ones ’skin problems.

The skin is our largest organ and our protection from the outside world. And when the skin is in distress ... tightness, tingling, itching, and other unpleasant sensations are her answer. In these times, our skin really has a lot of reasons to be in need.

A natural solution that doesn’t leave greasy hands

Hand disinfection is mandatory and, of course, useful at this time. The cause of dry and damaged skin cannot be eliminated. However, we can still eliminate the consequences as much as possible. Pristine Forest body lotion has this wonderful property of deeply nourishing, soothing and regenerating the skin, while not leaving it oily. The lotion absorbs extremely quickly into the skin. The skin is instantly nourished and moisturized, and your hands are ready for new challenges.


Small packaging, amazing softness - the perfect product for a pocket or a school bag

Although our skin is particularly dehydrated and irritated due to disinfectants during this period, we have the perfect solution. We found it in the depths of the Slovenian rainforest, which contains exceptional natural ingredients. Pristine Forest body lotion is available in two sizes, and as a part of a special campaign, we will giveaway a mini version of the lotion. Just right for the trip. So we can offer relief whenever our skin needs it.

Pristine Forest Body Lotion 200 ml


This intensive care lotion is a concentration of pure plant extracts that provides fortifying nourishment for dry, flaky and/or tight skin and leaves it feeling soft and supple. It restores balance, protects the skin’s natural barrier and reduces the frequency of outbreaks of dryness. For the care of very dry skin prone to eczema or allergies and for scaly skin with itching or redness. Fragrance free and formulated for maximum tolerance for the whole family, from babies to seniors. Ingredients: Hemp seed oil, jojoba oil and shea butter replenish skin's essential lipids and help rebuild barrier function for soft and supple skin. Silver Fir Polyphenols soothe inflammation, dry skin flare-ups and activate skin’s own moisturising abilities. CBD calms redness and irritation and guides the skin back to its healthiest state. Hemp hydrolate hydrates and regenerates.



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