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Everything in nature comes together into a complete and unreplicable whole


It is interesting how year after year nature connects, complements and co-creates everything. It creates a perfect whole of every smallest part, in which nothing is left to chance. This power and uniqueness of nature can also be felt in all our products, which are produced on the basis of natural ingredients. Year after year nature forms and shapes the growth, colour, scent and yield of crops. We have to admit to being entirely dependent on what nature intends for us with its series of natural factors.

How plants adjust to weather conditions

During periods of inclement weather, plants do not have the ability to simply dig out their roots and move elsewhere to a more pleasant environment, therefore, over the years, they have learnt to survive and thrive in less favourable conditions. All plants responses are directly connected and controlled with their genetic material, and are at the mercy of the conditions that are given to them by nature.


How do periods of drought influence plants?

Plants are often faced with periods of drought. Lack of water can seriously threathen their growth and development. In order to thrive they must quickly find a way of adapting to the conditions. Plants react to loss of water in a very complex way. Over the years some have created a natural shield in the form of thicker and less permeable leaves, while others react with lower growth and smaller leaves. There are many different responses, all of which contribute to changes in the growth and the abilities of plants to protect themselves. Periods of drought often bring with them higher concentrations of natural juices in plants, while the scent and colours become more intense.


How do periods of intense rainfall affect plants?

In periods when nature endows with intense rainfall, plants are subject to increased water and must thus adapt to entirely different conditions than in periods of drought. The concentration of active effects, volatile organic compounds, oils, chlorophyll and other building blocks in plants are distributed entirely differently according to the water content. Therefore, in order to thrive, plants must use completely different tricks. Another important factor that threatens the health and vitality of plants during wet periods are various diseases and the appearance of mould and other microorganisms, which can significantly affect their state and development. During times of heavy rainfall, the natural juices in plants have a less pronounced smell, and the scent and colour of the plants themselves are also less distinctive.


A balance between the amount of rainfall and sunshine is key

Water and sun – a lack or abundance of one of the other - play a prime role in the growth, colour, lushness and vitality of the plant world. Drought, floods, wind, frost and other extreme weather conditions leave their own distinct mark on every year's harvest. A harvest is never entirely repeated, it can't be predicted and each one is a special enigma of its own.
All this variety, diversity and uniqueness can also be felt, smelt and seen in our products, which are given different characteristics every year by the ever exceptional hemp.
The intensity of the colour, the predominant smell and, last but not least, the amount of natural material are the factors that are changed by natural conditions and over which producers of natural products have no influence. We assure you, however, that our formulations are always prepared with great care and attention and with sensitive skin in mind.

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