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Interview: CBD Balancing Face Cream cleared my skin of acne.

Here’s an interview that started with an enthusiastic message sent by a happy customer. This time we interviewed Masha, who kindly described how our CBD products improved her skin and her life.



A few days ago, I ordered your Balancing Face Cream.

I used it for the first time yesterday. This morning I already woke with my skin looking a lot more matte. I applied the cream again this morning before going to work and added a little makeup, as usual. I only refreshed it a little in the afternoon but didn’t add any more makeup on. An hour ago, I returned from a concert and my face looked great! A lot less shiny, with my skin a lot less oily than usual. The cream was on my face for 19 hours and the results are INCREDIBLE, so I decided to let you know about my experience right away.

Thank you for this product! After more than 5 years of searching for a suitable cream for my face, I finally found the right one and it’s really good. It cleared my skin of acne:)



CBD cream for acne


Masha, please describe your skin type and what skin problems you encountered?

My skin type is mixed. On my face, I have oily skin, but the skin around the edges of my scalp is dry and prone to psoriasis. My face always becomes oily and shiny throughout the day. On my scalp, the skin is flaky and itchy.


What did you do to try and fix your skin problems? Did you choose natural or conventional cosmetics? Did you maybe consult a dermatologist about your skin problems?

I tried to solve my skin problems by changing my diet and with expensive creams, both natural and conventional. I also got corticosteroids because of psoriasis that broke out on my elbows and arms, but I decided not to use them because of their dangerous side effects.


Can you describe how your skin reacted to these different types of care? Did you perhaps experience any bad skin reactions to a particular ingredient or product? Would you share it with us?

In most cases, my skin reacted poorly to bad natural creams that were too mild, or I got a red rash because of certain ingredients.


How did you learn about Hemptouch products and why did you decide to try them?

I first found out about Hemptouch products from a friend who received a sample of the Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm when ordering your products. I used the sample on my elbows and immediately, there was a visible difference. My psoriasis decreased significantly, as did the itching. Since I was satisfied with the product, I ordered the ointment along with the hydrolate shampoo and later the CBD nurturing face cream for impure skin too.


You decided to go with the Balancing Face Cream. How did your skin react to this cream, what were your first impressions after you used it?

My skin felt nourished and was less shiny even after first use. Generally, my skin now isn’t as shiny, is less greasy, my makeup holds better, and the cream also gives a sense of nutrition. I am really happy with the cream because for the past 5 years I hadn’t found a product that would suit me as well as your cream.


Thank you very much for your compliments. Can we ask, when did you notice the first signs of improvement?

I noticed signs of improvement right after the first use, the next day my skin was matte-looking and felt soothed.


Did you notice any negative side effects on your skin after you used the cream or any of our other products?

No, none.


What’s the condition of your skin now?

My skin is in better condition. Both on my face as well as my elbows and arms. My face is clear of acne and I’ll definitely continue using it.


Can you let our readers know what your daily skin care routine is?

I wash my face with warm water in the morning and, if necessary, I use a gentle cleanser too, to get rid of any impurities. Then I apply your Balancing Face Cream. Because it's now summer and it’s hot, I don’t apply any foundation, I just use a little bit of concealer. In the evening, I remove my makeup, then wash my face with micellar water and apply your cream again.


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