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Make your summer skin high - With Hemptouch!

Our skin is our shield from the harmful effects of the outside world, the protector of our organs and entire body, whilst at the same time being our connection with our surroundings since it enables us to sense touch and warmth. However, despite its numerous natural self-protection roles, our skin is often under a lot of stress due to daily exposure to environmental influences. This is reflected in the form of dry skin, rashes, acne and unpure skin, flushing, itching, and other skin conditions.


Skincare should be appropriate to the season

Our skin is constantly exposed to environmental influences. In addition to changes in weather that comes with the seasons, the other main causes of stress are polluted air, sun, lack of moisture in the air, and various substances that can trigger allergic skin reactions. The presence of these factors varies greatly depending on the season. For example, during winter skin needs copious moisturising and natural fats which strengthen the hydrolipidic film that ensures that moisture is retained.

In addition, winter is a period of outbreaks of various rashes and dermatitis, and therefore in addition to nourishing care, soothing care is recommended to alleviate any possible rashes and itching. Autumn and spring are the least intense seasons for our skin, which is why, in principle, regular skincare using natural products suitable for your skin is sufficient. As is the case in winter, summer again brings more extreme conditions outdoors, therefore, at this wonderful time of the year we should provide our skin with suitable summer care.


Summer skincare

In summer our skin doesn't generally battle with excessive moisture loss, and at this time of year there are also less occurrences of dermatitis-related rashes and eczema, while psoriasis-type problems usually also decrease. This doesn't mean, however, that our skin doesn't need care in the summer. Of course it needs it, but just in a slightly different way. In summer we recommend that you clean your skin several times, and at least once a week you also perform a peeling to remove any impurities from the environment and dead skin cells.

If you use a face cream several times a day during winter, you can halve its use in summer or replace it with a less rich version. In addition to regular skin care, proper protection against the sun and aftersun care is very important during summer.

We have captured the best hemp ingredients and carefully selected herbs in bottles and created formulas that will give your summer skin a healthy shine and silky softness.


After Sun Elixir – nourishes, accelerates recovery and protects against mosquito bites



In addition to protecting the skin from the sun, in summer it is very important to take care of the skin after sunbathing. The perfect skincare regime after exposure to the sun should include nourishing oils that will restore the skin's lost moisture and nutrients. Using skincare that speeds up recovery of sun damaged skin cells is also recommended. For summer aftersun skincare, we have captured the best oils and carefully selected herbs in a bottle.

With its ideal ratio of omega-fatty acids, hemp oil supports natural skin renewal and enhances its self-protection role. The synergy of St. John's Wort and marigold extracts calms and supports the regeneration process. With regular use, your beautiful tanned skin will last long into the autumn. Lemon grass oil is the ‘icing on the cake’ of the product, which refreshes the skin and has a pleasant aroma, while at the same time it provides natural protection against mosquitoes.

The elixir is best used in the evenings when the sun loses its power. It is best to apply it to still moist skin, as the elixir will be absorbed more rapidly and will spread more evenly on the skin. Due to its natural composition and carefully selected ingredients, the elixir is also suitable for use on babies' and children's skin, while also protecting them from mosquito bites without harmful side effects.

When to use After Sun Elixir:
  • Regular evening summer skincare
  • After sunbathing to accelerate regeneration and soothe skin
  • For protection from insect bites
  • Suitable for use on babies and children, pregnant women and nursing mothers

After Sun Elixir - limited edition


A precious combination of hemp seed oil, St. John’s wort and lemongrass oil for relaxed and soothed skin after a day in the sun or daily. The Elixir soothes and protects irritated, reddened and sensitive skin that has lost moisture, elasticity and softness after exposure to the sun. Ingredients:Hemp seed oil replenishes the skin and restores the skin’s elasticity leaving it soft, supple and smooth. St John's wort and marigold extracts regenerate and soothe sun-stressed skin. Lemongrass oil refreshes and invigorates the skin while providing natural protection against mosquitoes.


Soothing CBD Skin Balm - an ally for damaged skin and allergic reactions

Despite our efforts to ensure sun protection, it can often be the case that we get sunburnt in summer - this means that the sun's rays damage our skin. This results in our skin being red, painful and extremely sensitive. When such damage occurs to the skin, it is important that you provide your skin with natural help as soon as possible and accelerate the cell regeneration process. Skin that is reddened, irritated and itchy needs intense care, which is rich in nutritious, soothing and calming ingredients, the best of which are, of course, those provided by nature.

In addition to natural oils and butter, Soothing CBD Balm also contains marigold, chamomile, lavender and CBD resin-effectors that work in synergy to help calm the skin and accelerate its restoration. The composition of the ointment also acts to alleviate allergic reactions and various rashes that can occur as a result of sun sensitivity or the combination of sun and salt water, some grasses, etc.

When to use Soothing CBD Skin Balm for summer care:
  • If skin is damaged due to exposure to the sun
  • In cases of allergic reactions that appear as redness, itching, and various rashes
  • Suitable for babies and children, pregnant women and nursing mothers

Soothing CBD Skin Balm


Calms irritated skin and stabilises dry skin to prevent future flare-ups. Strengthens the skin’s barrier and provides long-lasting relief from itchiness. Leaves the skin soft and supple and improves skin condition. Use it as the perfect daily care for very dry, sensitive, eczema-prone skin and on compromised and scaly skin, scars and nappy rash. Ingredients:Hemp seed oil replenishes the skin’s essential lipids and maintains natural skin moisture. CBD calms irritated skin and reduces redness. Chamomile and lavender soothe and promote regeneration.


Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm – immediate relief after mosquito bites

When we are bitten by a mosquito, it leads to inflammation in the body, which appears as red, swollen and itchy skin. CBD cannabinoid has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and therefore effectively reduces or halts the itching that occurs following a mosquito bite. Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm, which is rubbed into the affected area, also works on the skin's endocannabinoid system - this means that it speeds up communication between the cells in the skin's epidermis and alleviates excessive reactions that appear following a mosquito bite. Applying Therapeutic CBD balm to your skin will relieve itching and reduce local inflammation and skin irritation.

What are the benefits of Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm over other products for use after insect bites:
  • No side effects (cares for and nourishes skin)
  • Unlimited use (Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm can be applied on any areas of skin an unlimited number of times)
  • Safe, healthy and efficient
  • Suitable for use on babies and children, pregnant women and nursing mothers

Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm


Concentrated CBD treatment balm tackles the toughest symptoms of atopic skin, alleviates skin reactions and soothes eczema flare-ups. Reach for it when skin needs fast-acting help for inflamed, reddened and itchy conditions. It provides intense relief and unique nourishing care. Ingredients:High concentration of CBD extract is a powerful anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing properties. Hemp seed oil, rich in essential fatty acids omega 3 & 6, Vitamin E and minerals - the building blocks of healthy skin. Calendula, shea and mango butter soothe and nurture.

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