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Replenishing Antioxidant Face Oil - why we love it and how to maximize its effects

“It’s phenomenal! My skin is really dry and prone to atopic dermatitis, so I’ve been using Hemptouch cosmetics for a while now, but the Replenishing antioxidant face oil is truly the cherry on top, especially during the winter months when the air is drier and our faces often covered with masks. The skin is much softer, more elastic, and hydrated, yet not greasy. Combined with the Purifying face cleanser, Moisturising bright essence and Nurturing face cream, this oil is perfect! And it smells downright incredible. I’m very satisfied.”

Lea P

“It’s positively brilliant!
I’ve been using the Replenishing antioxidant face oil for more than two weeks now and I’m continually impressed by how great my skin feels after I put it on. It’s so soft and elastic, I feel no tightening at all and it smells amazing. This is a truly wonderful product, and it works wonders for my dry and sensitive skin!”

Irena F

Replenishing Antioxidant Face Oil - tips for better results


A clean structure for a clear goal

We have mentioned many a time that the Replenishing antioxidant face oil is the last step in the skin care routine that assures a prolonged feeling of hydration, nurtures the skin, and gives it a youthful glow. It consists of very “clean” ingredients, and its effects are decidedly targeted; it offers important support to sensitive and reactive skin that’s losing its elasticity and firmness. It maintains the skin with the cleanest ingredients and helps it strengthen the skin barrier, which improves its state and appearance in the long run.

Replenishing Antioxidant Face Oil 30 ml

A highly regenerative face oil featuring a unique blend of organic, antioxidant-rich, superfood seed oils that helps strengthen th.. Details



How to trap moisture in the skin?

We hydrate the skin daily because we are aware of the importance of hydrated complexion, but we often forget that moisture on its own can’t provide 24-hour hydration to the epidermis since it evaporates far too quickly. That is why we need to not only hydrate the skin, but also ensure the moisture remains in it for as long as possible.

Lipids are cornerstones of the hydrolipidic layer in the skin that helps retain moisture and aid in strengthening its immune system. If you want to prolong the effects of hydration, you can use a moisturising cream with a drop or two of the face oil or you massage the oil in on its own - in doing so, you will trap the moisture in your skin and ensure long-lasting hydration.


Skin barrier’s best ally

The Replenishing antioxidant face oil’s rap the moisture and main task is to tcarefully retain it throughout the day so that the skin stays soft, has a healthy glow, and is protected from outside influences. A strengthened skin barrier is incredibly important. We have created the Replenishing antioxidant face oil with that in mind, because a weakened skin barrier leads to conditions like eczema, dermatitis and allergies. Our face oil pampers the skin with the cleanest plant oils and active extracts, yet does not contain any fragrances that could potentially irritate sensitive skin. However, you can still indulge in its enticing marzipan scent of plum kernels.


Why does the skin lose elasticity?

Both lifestyle and external factors like the sun and temperature changes influence the formation of collagen and elastin. This process slows down with age, so it is perfectly natural that the formation of collagen and elastin diminishes. The skin consequently becomes less taut over time and first wrinkles appear.

Natural but effective support for maintaining youthful skin

This exact thought was present throughout the entire creation of the Replenishing antioxidant face oil. We wanted to create a lightweight oil texture that would absorb into the skin quickly, wouldn’t leave a greasy finish and would support the skin in maintaining a youthful and healthy appearance. We combined hempseed oil, classified as an active plant oil which is characterised by its ability to regenerate and activate cells and is excellent for sensitive, atopic skin, and plum kernel oil which protects and nourishes but is also great for maintaining moisture. The face oil is enriched with antioxidants that target skin problems. CBD protects against free radicals, soothes, and balances the skin’s oil secretion, while poppyseed extract has been proved to increase skin elasticity and contribute to a more even complexion and less pronounced appearance of wrinkles.

Tips for use:
  • Always combine the face oil with essences, serums, and moisturising creams, because that helps the skin retain moisture.
  • A drop or two added to your favourite moisturising cream can enrich your daily routine or aid it when your skin needs a little more support.
  • Our Replenishing antioxidant face oil should be the last step in your skincare routine - the general rule of thumb is that the lighter the texture, the sooner you put it on; that’s why serums, gels and moisturising creams are always used before oils.
  • Adjust the application/number of drops to your skin’s needs. If you have combination or oily skin, a single drop in your evening skincare routine will suffice, but if your skin is dry and dehydrated, you can use more.
  • Always apply the oil by massaging it into the skin gently (make it your mini ritual, even if it only takes a few minutes) to improve absorption.

Replenishing facial care set

Quenches the thirst of dehydrated skin, supplying it with antioxidants and essential nutrients and strengthening the functioning o.. Details



Everything is easier in two

The combination of Moisturising bright essence and Replenishing antioxidant face oil is the perfect pampering your dehydrated, dry, tired, and sensitive skin needs to strengthen its collapsed skin barrier. This combo restores the skin’s balance and suppleness, gives it a healthy glow, and enhances its self-protective role.

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