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Is there a perfect pimple cream?


Today, we are going to talk about acne-prone skin, a problem that affects many teenagers and adults all over the world, and try to find the answer to the question “Is there a perfect pimple cream?”. Each one of us is unique in their own way, and so is our skin. Some people have dry skin that requires plenty of daily hydration, while others suffer from blackheads and pimples on their face or back, most often caused by excessive sebum secretion in the sebaceous glands. In addition to genetic predispositions, skin condition is also influenced by lifestyle, environment and, last but not least, the individual’s stage of life.

How can you get rid of pimples?

It is not uncommon for pimples to be of transient nature. They can be brought on by raging teenage (or non-teenage) hormones, lifestyle and diet changes, as well as stress and external factors such as polluted or dry air. Unfortunately, issues with unclean and acne-prone skin can also drag on for a long time, which can have a huge negative impact on our self-esteem and overall well-being. If that’s the case, it’s worth addressing the problem in a holistic and committed way, including through lifestyle and dietary changes.

Pimples are most common on the face, followed by the back

Acne characteristically appears on the face - the part of our body that is statistically our most important communication tool, the one people look at first and that’s exposed 365 days a year. Can you imagine how much less troubling acne would be if it appeared behind the knees, on the ankles, or in some other, more or less hidden place? The upper back is also often affected by acne and blackheads. That’s an area where the skin is very thick and contains a lot of sebaceous glands, so it can quickly become clogged, allowing bacteria to multiply. Aside from regular and thorough cleansing, you can use an anti-pimple cream on both your face and back - just make sure it’s good quality and contains the active ingredients your skin needs. Want to know which active ingredients we’re talking about? Keep reading!


3 active ingredients that make a good anti-pimple cream

The skin needs acids

The natural pH of our skin is acidic; not only that, healthy skin is actually surrounded by an acid mantle designed to protect it from harmful environmental influences and maintain its health and stability.

An acid that is particularly beneficial for oily, combination and impure skin is lactic acid, as it improves the condition and texture of the skin. It acts as a moisturiser that penetrates deep into the pores, cleanses them and has a mild antibacterial effect. You can read more about the role of acids in maintaining healthy skin in one of our previous blogs: Is acid really damaging to my skin?

Even anti-pimple creams need moisturising agents

One of the common mistakes made by manufacturers of anti-pimple creams is the absence of hydrating active ingredients, which stems from the idea that oily skin doesn’t need moisturising, because it’s supposed to have enough moisture of its own. While it might be true that the moisture loss in oily skin is slower, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen at all, or that it has enough moisture in all circumstances and under all conditions. Anti-acne and anti-blemish creams therefore often contain substances such as alcohol or various other chemicals that dry out the skin in order to prevent oiliness and the appearance of pimples. But the opposite happens: dried out skin goes on the defensive and starts producing even more oil after receiving signals that there isn’t enough moisture, simply wanting to protect itself from losing even more. The end result is irritated, malnourished and dehydrated skin that still produces large amounts of oil.

Balancing Face Cream 50 ml

A soothing moisturiser with skin-balancing actives formulated to leave oily and blemish-prone skin calm and comfortable. Improves.. Details


Ingredients with antiseptic and antibacterial effects

Acne is caused by clogged pores, where bacteria develop and lead to an outbreak of pimples. Thus, antibacterial and antiseptic substances are a very important part of a good pimple cream, because they prevent excessive bacterial growth in the sebaceous glands. The good news is that the antibacterial effect does not require aggressive artificial ingredients, as it is found in many plant extracts such as essential oils and hydrolates. CBD cannabinoid also has strong antibacterial properties - however, that’s not its most important feature in the fight against pimples.


Would you like to know why CBD cannabinoid is so effective against acne? Find the answer below!

CBD regulates oil secretion, which makes it your best ally in the fight against pimples

CBD naturally reduces sebum secretion in sebaceous glands, restoring balance to the skin and calming irritated areas. The remarkable thing is that it only affects those cells that are not working in harmony - this means that it reduces sebum secretion only in the areas of the skin where it’s excessive. Because of that, it does not dry out or irritate the skin, merely harmonises the processes happening within it and improves its condition, helping your skin on its path to a healthy balance.

Nature has already given us everything we need for a good pimple cream

Anti-pimple creams often contain aggressive chemical compounds that may have a positive short-term effect and reduce the oiliness of the skin for a while, but their long-term use usually does not end well. So, the answer is simple: forcibly depriving our skin of its natural oils will stress it out and irritate it, and the end result will be increased oil secretion as an attempt to normalize its condition. That’s why, when fighting acne, you should find an ally that recognises your skin’s needs and works only where it is needed.

A cream rated five stars by over 90% of its users

Balancing Face Cream contains carefully selected, natural active ingredients and CBD cannabinoids, which work in synergy to harmonise skin processes and help you on your way to glowing, blackhead- and pimple-free skin.

Balancing Face Cream 50 ml

A soothing moisturiser with skin-balancing actives formulated to leave oily and blemish-prone skin calm and comfortable. Improves.. Details


Interested to find out which active ingredients shine in our CBD cream? Take a look: Balancing Face Cream.

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