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Self-Care: What’s The Best Way To Look After Yourself?


When was the last time you took an afternoon off and spent some time by yourself? If you can’t remember, then it’s definitely high time you do it now.

The fast pace of our lives often makes us forget ourselves and our needs; our everyday routine exhausts and stresses us, but most of all, it’s boring. That’s why we need to step beyond the lines of our comfort zone and do something just for ourselves every once in a while. Aside from a healthy lifestyle, self-care also means relaxation and avoiding stress.

Start making changes today

If we want to improve our well-being, we need to make changes in several areas. Routines usually include work, home chores and sleep - however, they vary from person to person and to make our life rhythm harmonious and balanced, we need to be content and happy in all areas of our lives.

Work is a big part of our everyday

The workplace constitutes a significant part of our daily routine and it is, of course, important that we enjoy what we do and that the atmosphere in the workplace is good.

When we are tired, the first alternative should be to take a few minutes to ourselves - get up, stretch and drink a glass of water. But if our concentration keeps slipping and we’re finding it hard to focus, the CBD Spray Focus & Inspire is the perfect solution to help us regain enough energy to keep going. If you don’t like the spray application, you can try the CBD Oil Amber in our wide range of offers instead. If our work is mainly sedentary, it is also extremely important to get up and walk around every now and then.

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Quality sleep for a better day

In the long term, a good night’s sleep is an extremely important factor that contributes to our overall well-being. Quality sleep begins with a comfortable bed and a well-ventilated room, but it is also influenced by the activities we do before we go to bed. Experts advise against using smart devices or watching television before sleep, as well as against exercising late at night. It is much better to take time for ourselves before crawling under the covers - to meditate, read a book, talk to a partner, etc. If you suffer from insomnia or regularly wake up tired, try to change your habits, which will in turn improve your sleep. For everyone who struggles with these problems, we at Hemptouch have designed the CBD Oil Amber, a 100% natural aid for a better night’s sleep.

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What about skin care?

A lot of people are not aware of the fact that the skin is our larges organ, which also needs proper care. The latter is often the first thing we leave out when we’re lacking the time and energy to ensure success and consistency in all areas. This is understandable, but we still recommend taking at least a few minutes to cleanse the skin and apply a day cream every day. Then, whenever we have enough time, we can carry out a more comprehensive care. For a complete facial care routine, Hemptouch prepared two sets: Trial Balancing Set and Trial Nourishing Set. Depending on your needs, you can choose the one that suits you best. If you’re still not sure which one is the right choice, you can sign up for a free consultation with our skin specialist Barbara.

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Sometimes we have to say NO

It’s hard to find time for yourself in the flood of daily chores and commitments; practically impossible if we take on too many responsibilities. If you’re the kind of person who finds it difficult to turn down a task and say no, you definitely know what we’re talking about. But it’s important to put ourselves first - which means that we have to turn someone down in the process every once in a while. This will allow you to take more time for yourself to relax.

“Saying no can be the best form of self-care!”

Good habits for better days

In order to take care of ourselves, we need to create happiness and contentment in the basic areas of our lives listed above; that is, we need to ensure well-being in the workplace, quality sleep, proper skin care and a pleasant atmosphere at home. In addition, we can also take care of ourselves by eating well and getting enough fresh air. Exercise is supposed to represent at least 30 minutes of your day, 5 days a week – but, as we already mentioned, avoid performing intense workouts in the evening, because such exertion can seriously affect the quality of your sleep. In addition to diet and sport, hydration is also extremely important; it is recommended to consume about 2-3 litres of fluid per day.

To help you stay well and relaxed, we recommend a product from our CBD line. CBD products are particularly great for everyone who is stressed from work, has trouble falling asleep, is facing anxiety due to a busy schedule ... The products are completely natural and support the body in maintaining balance thanks to their ingredients.

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Healthy diet - a challenge?

For some people, eating healthy is a challenge they find difficult to overcome. If you’re one of those people, try to improve your diet in just a few steps.

  • Start your day with breakfast - long considered the most important meal, because it fills us with energy for the rest of the day.
  • Stock up on leftovers - when you’re making lunch or dinner, put the excess aside for the next day, or store the meal in the freezer.
  • Include more high-fibre fruit and vegetables in your diet.
  • Avoid sugary drinks, processed and fried foods, and baked goods.
  • Go to bed with an empty rather than a full stomach for better sleep.

Pamper yourself the way you deserve

You don’t need to go to a sauna or a spa to relax when you can pamper yourself right at home by drawing yourself a warm bath and adding a few drops of your preferred essential oil to the water. Other popular forms of relaxation include yoga, breathing exercises and meditation - all of which you can do at home.

Self-care is really more about taking time for yourself, doing things that benefit your well-being and enjoying your hobbies. Try to spread your workload and chores throughout the day as much as possible, so that you’re left with some free time at the end. Then try to get some exercise in nature, prepare a healthy and quality meal, take a hot bath and finish the day with a good book - this will help you relax and put your worries aside for a little bit.

You can also include your children, spouse, a friend or a pet in your new routine. Spend more time with your loved ones, but don’t forget to make time for yourself too. <3

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