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Five-step care routine for atopic skin


Atopic dermatitis is a chronic skin condition that occurs at all stages of life, but most commonly affects babies and young children. It is characterised by skin changes caused by a weakened skin barrier. Atopic skin does not have enough of its own fat to hold the cells of the top layer tightly together, so evaporation of moisture through the top layer is increased, making the skin more susceptible to environmental influences and infections. Dermatitis most commonly manifests itself in severe itchiness, dry and red skin, inflammatory changes and rashes.

Due to the peculiarity of atopic dermatitis and its needs, it’s necessary to follow care steps that specifically address this condition.

atopic skin


Care steps for atopic skin


When cleansing the skin, special attention should be paid to the skin’s acid coating, as it is essential for a healthy skin barrier. Cleaning products do not need thick foam and silicones to achieve their goal. This step can be incredibly gentle yet effective at the same time.

Comforting Cream Body Wash - its nourishing formulation combines gentle care and relaxing freshness. It does not contain sulphates, instead it cleanses the skin with the help of a gentle plant base that does not dry it out.

Gentle Hydrolate Shampoo contains synergy of hemp ingredients, chlorella algae and clary sage, bergamot and chamomile essential oils. Ensures effective daily cleansing, soothing the skin and strengthening the scalp.


Comforting Cream Body Wash 250 ml

Gentle cleansing care that begins to moisturise, soften and pamper the skin while you shower. This creamy body wash is based on a.. Details


Gentle Hydrolate Shampoo 250 ml

This ultra-gentle hemp shampoo has a delicate cleansing base of plant origin that soothes the scalp, invigorates and balances. Da.. Details




For atopic skin, moisturisation is of the utmost importance, because loss of moisture can lead to a dramatic deterioration of the skin. Regular moisturising care helps reduce the feeling of tightness and leaves it relaxed and soft. Apply the lotion immediately after showering, when the pores are open and ready to recieve moisture. It is recommended to repeat the moisturising step several times a day in order to prevent symptoms from getting worse.

In addition to the combination of hemp hydrolates and hempseed oil, the Pristine Forest Body Lotion also contains the valuable power of the Abies alba polyphenols and CBD. Both of which protect the skin from environmental influences and support it in soothing inflammatory processes and skin reactions.

atopic skin rescue set



This is a step that provides additional help in maintaining a strengthened skin barrier, nourishes the skin and gives it a feeling of relief. It bolsters the skin’s self-protective role. This is an important contribution to maintaining the balance of dry skin that is prone to allergies and reactions. Strengthens the skin barrier and helps relieve itching and mild symptoms of dermatitis.

The Soothing CBD Skin Balm is incredibly effective in relieving mild symptoms of dermatitis. Thanks to the restorative properties of calendula and chamomile, it offers support in the healing process of irritated and damaged skin.

Skin Rescue Atopic Relief Set

A package of the best natural allies for distressed skin. Set includes: Pristine forest Body Lotion 100 ml Soothing CBD .. Details




A first-aid step when the skin is in distress. Gives immediate relief to red, irritated, itchy and flaky skin, as well as alleviates skin reactions and limits the occurrence of eczema.
It is the number one saviour when it comes to conditions of inflamed, irritated, flaky and itchy skin. Offers quick soothing to the skin and helps solve its problems in the long term.

Thanks to the therapeutic concentration of CBD oil in Therapeutic CBD Balm, this balm is not only extremely nourishing, but also bring immediate relief to acute skin problems when the skin urgently needs help and soothing.


By adding phytocannabinoids, you can also help your skin restore its natural balance from the inside out, further bolstering the skincare effect.

A 100% natural CBD oil containing the perfect spectrum of cannabinoids and characterized by the ideal ratio of two key cannabinoids: CBD and CBG.


Hemptouch recommends:


Tips for best results

  • Avoid showering with water that is too hot - the temperature should be around 32 °C.
  • You can apply compresses to the areas where you are experiencing acute itching and inflammation.
  • We reccomend applying the body lotion immediately after showering, as this is when the pores are open and can best receive care.
  • Apply the balm right after the lotion to trap moisture in the skin and improve the condition of the skin barrier.
  • Apply the balm by gently tapping it on the skin instead of rubbing it in, as this can damage the epidermis.
  • Pay special attention to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
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