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Interview: Pimples and red spots disappeared within a week

The most rewarding part of what we do is when a message like the below appears in our inbox:

“For about 5 years now, I’ve had problems with dermatitis on my face. I’ve tried at least 10 different ointments and creams, but nothing ever helped. About a month ago, I ordered your Purifying Face Cleanser and Balancing Face Cream pack and after only one week of use, the results were amazing. The skin immediately looked better, it almost completely cleared my acne and the area affected by dermatitis shrunk. I’m attaching pictures of my skin before and after use for comparison."

pimples and red spots


We contacted Maša for a short interview, which you can find below.

Maša, please describe your skin type and what kind of skin problems you deal with.

My skin’s been sensitive ever since elementary school. Every pimple I had left a dark spot on my face. Then in high school, I started having new skin problems. I started getting a red rash around my mouth and I noticed stress made it worse. I started stressing about the appearance of my skin and I never left home without my concealer and foundation.


What methods did you use to try and deal with your skin problems? Did you use natural or conventional cosmetics? Did you consult a dermatologist about your skin problems?

I visited my personal doctor. He prescribed a very aggressive cream with corticosteroid. My skin’s condition improved immediately after first use. But after a few days, I had a new outbreak that was even worse than the initial condition. I decided to see a dermatologist. I was told my condition was called perioral dermatitis. What causes it is virtually impossible to determine.


Can you describe how your skin reacted to different treatments? Did you perhaps have a particularly bad skin reaction to any specific ingredient or product? Would you share your story with us?

I was prescribed a cream for skin inflammation that isn’t so aggressive, but I couldn’t use it too often. This cream had been saving me from terrible outbreaks for the last 5 years and soothed my skin for at least a few days. But I still had recurring dermatitis.

Because my condition didn’t improve after 3 years, I was also prescribed antibiotics. The therapy lasted for 3 months and I thought my dermatitis was gone for good, because it took a few months for it to come back after the pills. But that wasn’t the case.

I experimented on my skin for 2 more years after that. I tried everything from aggressive ointments to natural cosmetics, changing my diet, bioresonance...


How did you hear about Hemptouch products and why did you decide to try them out?

I learned about Hemptouch through a friend with acne-prone skin. She loved the results. She suggested I try the Balancing Face Cream. I ordered the My Balance Skin Clarifying Duo pack with the Balancing Face Cream and Purifying Face Cleanser the same day, and you also sent a sample of the Soothing CBD Skin Balm.


You’re using the My Balance Skin Clarifying Duo that has the Balancing Face Cream and Purifying Face Cleanser. How did your skin react, what were your first impressions after you started using them?

Within a week I noticed that my skin was starting to calm down. The acne began to dry out, and the area affected by dermatitis got smaller.


What is your skin like now?

After a long time, I am finally confident about my skin. I got rid of all the products I used before.


Will you share your daily skincare routine?

At the moment, my morning and evening skincare routine include cleansing my face with the Balancing Face Cream and Purifying Face Cleanser. If I have a rash, I treat it with the Soothing CBD Skin Balm.


Who would you recommend the My Balance Skin Clarifying Duo? Why?

I’d recommend the Skin Clarifying Duo to anyone with acne prone skin, but also to people who suffer from any kind of rash. I know how uneasy even a few red spots on your face can make you. I would also suggest Hemptouch products to anyone who’s been testing different creams for years with no success. It took me more than 5 years to find the right products that fit my skin. My skin is still not perfect, but the difference from before is more than obvious.


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My Balance Skin Clarifying Duo


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pimples and red spots cbd oil

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