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Moisturising bright essence - Inspired by Korean Beauty Rituals


Which product blurred the line between a toner and a serum, and why is the popularity of essences in cosmetics circles growing so rapidly? Read on to find out more. Let's start at the beginning!


Where has the inspiration come from for the use of essences?

The three step basic skin care ritual is slowly becoming history, but far from the extent to which it is happening in Korean skincare, in the so-called K-beauty trend.

Korean skincare rituals, which by the way include an average of 10 or more stages, are among those for which the use of essences is a must. The Korean ritual includes several stages of moisturing – the application of moisturising products in multiple layers – which ensures a shiny, uniform and healthy complexion through skincare alone.

The Korean ritual approach to facial care isn't aimed at covering up, hiding and correcting imperfections, but rather through consistent care it ensures that their skin almost doesn't need make-up. The foundation of a healthy complexion lies precisely in abundant moisturising.

The latest trend, which is currently a huge 'hit' in Korean skincare, is 7-time layering of essences. The rapidly absorbed, ultra light texture of essences is applied in several lighter layers and only then do the remaining steps follow. If you are interested in why the Koreans like to apply a single product multiple times, try it for yourself, you will be impressed! Of course, you don't need to blindly follow the seven layers, you can also apply it just three or four times!


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How Hemptouch learnt about essence

Over a year ago our Japanese business partners told us about the role of essences in their skincare rituals. Since they are avid users of our products, they also expressed a desire to have an essence that was created on the basis of hemp ingredients.

So, we set about researching and testing; we first defined a range of active ingredients that would best complement each other, then began the first batch trials and tests.

It was a lot of fun and after just a few days of testing the female members of the team were eagerly asking when the product would be available, because they could no longer imagine skincare without the use of essence! We were thrilled to share our experience, tricks and observations, and were able to conclusively conclude that moisturising is the most important part of facial skincare.


Every skin's favourite

Every skin type requires moisturising, regardless of whether it is dry, oily, sensitive… Just as it is essential that we intake enough fluid in our bodies, the application of moisturising ingredients on our skin is of similar importance. This ensures skin's vitality, elasticity, softness and a healthy shine, which cannot be achieved without such a good base.

Essences have been created to provide skin with the optimal amount of moisture, even when it is at its most dry and dehydrated. When it comes to intensive moisturising, essences are the most active stage of skincare. Their most important role, in addition to moisturising, is to prepare the skin for the skincare products that follow. By intensively moisturising the skin it ensures that the active ingredients in serums and creams can more easily penetrate through the skin's hydro lipid layer and allows them to more easily travel through the skin's channels to reach their target.


Active ingredients of moisturising facial essences and their effect

Those who might think that essences are just water are very wrong! In addition to hydrolates, the secret recipes of essences also hide numerous active ingredients and antioxidants. Each of these play their own role and, when combined, they offer the best results.

Key active ingredients that can be found in our Moisturising bright essence:

• Hemp hydrolate: moisturises and accelerates skin microcirculation
• White fir polyphenols: increase the formation of collagen and elastin for greater elasticity and ensure a uniform complexion
• Natural hyaluronic acid: supplies cells with sufficient moisture
• CBD: protects cells from oxidative stress and restores the skin's balance

moisturising bright essence - Korean Beauty Rituals


When and how to use moisturising bright essence

The moisturising bright essence can be applied whenever your skin is dry, dehydrated and needs additional moisture. Your skin will most appreciate the inclusion of essence in your daily skincare routine and using it both in the morning and evening. Make it the first step of your moisturising care.

Using your palms apply the essence to cleansed skin on the face, neck, decolletage, then using gentle pressure massage it upwards from the chin to the forehead. This creates a gentle vacuum that will ensure even better absorbtion. Wait a moment or two then continue with the application of other skincare products or repeat the application of the essence.


»Holy Water«

Although lightweight, essence is exceptionally effective and can do wonders for the skin! Regardless of how many skincare steps you practice, the foundation of your skincare routine should be moisturising. Keep your skin hydrated both from the inside and out, drink enough water and nourish your skin by using effective moisturisers, such as essence. Believe us, your skin will definitely be very grateful!

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