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Natural solutions for summer skin problems

The season of sun, picnics, summer playfulness, long evenings, searching for a refreshing spot nearby and last but not least, the time we can all take a well-deserved break either at the seaside or in the mountains is finally here. Time seems to pass a little differently in the summer; everything calls for good company, spending your time in nature and brings with it all-encompassing optimism.

Summertime is also the time when our skin is most in touch with nature. Our skin seems to greedily drink in the summer sunshine and stock up on vitamin D for the coming months. Given that our biggest organ – our shield against the outside influences, performs a vital role this time of the year, your skin will appreciate a little bit of extra help.

It is well known that the sun has many beneficial effects on our body, but this is only true if we expose to it in moderation.

When we expose our skin to sunlight for too long, there is usually a reaction; redness, a tightening sensation, itching, and in worst cases, burns. If your pleasant summer pampering turns into an unpleasant experience and consequences, nature has solutions ready.


Natural care for irritated skin after sunbathing

Skin that is reddened, irritated or itchy requires intense care that is rich in nutritious, soothing and therapeutic ingredients, the best, of course, being the ones we readily find in nature

  • Cold-pressed hemp oil provides a sense of relief for the skin and offers abundant strengthening care. The perfect combination of omega-fatty acids boosts the defence mechanism of sun-damaged skin
  • Cannabinoid CBD manufactured in a special formulation with low terpene content calms skin reactions and stimulates the skin’s own defence mechanism
    Calendula restores dry skin after sunbathing and strengthens the hydro-lipid layer of the skin
  • Essential oils of lavender and German chamomile soothe the skin’s reactions to the sun and provide for intensive regeneration of damaged tissue. They have a soothing and relaxing effect on the skin and their aromas turn any care into a relaxing pampering experience
All these beneficial natural ingredients can be found in Soothing CBD Skin Balm

Soothing CBD Skin Balm 50 ml

A multipurpose balm to soothe and protect irritated skin, while optimally restoring the skin barrier. Suitable for the entire fami.. Details


Natural remedy after mosquito bite, cnidarians and other insects bites

During the summer months, we unknowingly expose our skin to the unwanted bites of various flying, crawling and swimming creatures who share the beautiful summer days with us. In most cases, these are only innocent mosquito or similar insect bites, but often too, their origin is unknown. Even in the ocean, rivers and lakes, we are not completely safe from nature.

Even today, I still remember the summer when I was convinced that my 1-year old son had chickenpox, because he had a rash all over his body, only to later discover that he was stung by a jellyfish while playing in the sea. If only CBD balms were available then!

It was already an established truth in my grandmother’s time and I too firmly believe that for every ailment there is a natural remedy. When inflamed skin smarts and swells or itches and becomes red, a quick solution is what we’re after – we’ve all been in a situation where we needed help there and then. A natural solution is offered in the synergy of the following ingredients:

  • CBD Cannabinoid has been proven to calm allergic reactions on the skin and help the skin find balance while stimulating the skin’s own regenerative system
  • Hemp oil and shea butter give the skin a feeling of comfort and relax strained skin
  • Calendula boosts the skin's regenerative and protective capabilities
  • Our previous blog describes why CBD cannabinoid is the best remedy for insect bites.
All these beneficial substances are included in the Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm:

Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm 50 ml (SAN)

Concentrated CBD treatment balm tackles the toughest symptoms of atopic skin, alleviates skin reactions and soothes eczema flare-u.. Details


The perfect summer travel companion – at home or on holiday it helps balance the skin and soothes skin problems for the entire family; the versatile cannabis that in combination with other natural substances makes every summer day unique and unforgettable.

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