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The recipe for beautiful skin and glowing hair


Nature is the best creator

Nature has made every one of us unique, perfect and beautiful. We always seem to doubt what we’ve been given, trying to hide or fix many of the features that make us unique. We subject ourselves to constant comparison with others and in our desire to follow current trends we start to look more and more like everyone else. With years, as we get to know ourselves and become more mature, we come to the realisation that it is really our differences that enrich us and make us beautiful.

This process of self-acceptance that experts would call personal growth is a period when we become aware of ourselves, get to love what we’ve been given at birth and learn to respect our bodies, nurture ourselves naturally and with love.

We’ve collected a few valuable tips that will help you maintain healthy and beautiful skin with nature’s help. Help yourself to our best recipe for beautiful skin and glowing hair.

recipe for beautiful skin


Use cold-pressed oils

Cold-pressed oils are always the best choice when it comes to skin and hair care. They are a treasure trove of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They give the skin flexibility and softness and protect it from ageing prematurely. They also strengthen the hydrolipidic layer of the skin and protect it against negative environmental influences.


Embrace essential oils

Essential oils are the essence of a plant and have tremendous power over our body, emotions and well-being. In addition to their beneficial effects on our emotions and self-confidence, essential oils also have a number of other characteristics that help rejuvenate, protect, soothe or invigorate our skin and hair, while at the same time offering many positive aromatherapy effects. They also serve as intoxicating fragrances for the body, many also having a reputation as aphrodisiacs.

recipe for beautiful skin


Avoid washing your hair too frequently

Washing your hair too frequently dries the scalp out and stimulates it to produce even more oils. Unfortunately, shampoo doesn’t only remove impurities and oils but also removes the protective layer of the scalp, which ensures healthy hair growth. Rather than washing your hair too regularly, nurture it gently with suitable shampoos and an occasional nurturing hair mask that will make your hair look fuller and shinier.

*Nourishing hair mask: Mix a spoonful of coconut oil and a quarter of an avocado in a cup. This simple mask can be enriched further with three drops of lavender or rosemary essential oils.


Revitalize your skin with a natural peel

Turning our kitchen into a beauty salon can be a lot of fun. There doesn’t seem to be an end to creating and exploring new combinations and textures. We can create a facial peel in a matter of minutes, all we need is some groats that we mix into our facial cleanser or nourishing oil. And if we want to make a body peel that is a little more intensive, we can just replace the groats with sugar or salt, depending on the intensity of the peel that we wish to achieve.


Pamper your facial skin with natural masks

Pamper your face with the beneficial care of natural, fresh ingredients that you can find in your kitchen. Honey, yoghurt, turmeric, and lemon are just a few that have particularly beneficial effects on the skin. Before applying a facial mask, it is recommended to do a gentle peel to remove dead skin cells and give the fresh nourishing ingredients a chance to pamper our skin with the best possible care.


Do not touch your face unnecessarily

Touching your face is not always good for your skin. Bacteria can be transmitted to our face by scratching, pressing and touching the face and once present it can cause inflammation in the form of acne. Squeezing the skin can also cause serious scarring and discolouration of the skin. Clean pillows and towels are also important in maintaining clean skin since they are in contact with it daily.


Let’s keep our environment clean

Everything we apply to our skin gets absorbed into our body. Our skin is our biggest organ, our communication tool and our contact with the environment. What we apply to the skin, enters the body. The concern for a healthy environment is therefore crucial, even for beautiful skin.

The reasons may vary from simple love for nature, or a desire for sustainability or a consciousness that everything that is applied to the skin is absorbed into our body.

A reciprocal and respectful relationship towards our environment is what gives us all the fruits of nature that enrich us and keep our skin healthy and glowing with nature’s signature.

Let’s conclude with a truthful cliché and say that beauty comes from within. It is a fact that a respectful and loving relationship with ourselves and the environment cannot be bought in a beautifully packaged bottle, but it does give us an internal glow that many describe as natural beauty. So spoil your body and spirit and enjoy being in harmony with nature!

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