Hemptouch Skin Care Sample Kit

Hemptouch Skin Care Sample Kit

Brand: hemptouch.com

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We understand that it takes several days to find your perfect skin care product. In this beautiful sample kit you will find a two weeks supply of 100% percent natural therapeutic skin care products.


Calming face cream - 5ml
REBALANCING FORMULA FOR OILY, BLEMISHED SKIN, PRONE TO ACNE AND CONGESTION. This botanically based emulsion with a high amount of CBD oil sends a signal to the skin to reduce oil production and guides the skin to a balanced state. With regular use, it refines the appearance of pores and restores calm to inflamed skin.

Nurturing face cream - 5ml
SOOTHING FORMULA FOR HYPERSENSITIVE SKIN, PRONE TO IRRITATION AND REDNESS. This botanically based cream calms and protects sensitive and reactive skin. Formulated to carefully support and protect even the most damaged skin.

Ointment for irritated skin - 5ml
SUPPORTIVE BASIC CARE FOR ATOPIC DERMATITIS SUFFERERS. As part of a daily regime to combat very dry and flaky skin this ointment alleviates the cycle of discomfort and itching. Rich formula carefully supports your skin, reduces tautness and fortifies the skin's natural barrier function. Perfect for dry and sensitive skin on your face and body.

Ointment for problem skin - 5ml
EFFECTIVE RESCUE REMEDY WHEN ACUTE CARE IS NEEDED. Intense relief and support for long term skin problems, revitalizing your skin from the inside out. Skin type: dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, reactions to insect bites, hypersensitive, reddened and irritated skin.


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