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Aromacert® is standard for certification of cosmeticproducts, that guarantees high degree of quality from the point of demandingaromatherapeutic criteria (naturalness, authenticity and purity ofingredients).

AromaCert – Aromatherapy Quality Seal 

Many cosmetic products claim to be natural, but users often find it difficult to verify the authenticity of such claims. If you use products with the Aromacert Care or Aromacert Essence labels, you can be assured that they adhere to natural standards as they have undergone thorough scrutiny.

To obtain the Aromacert certification, a product can only contain 100% natural ingredients. The use of petrochemical substances (such as paraffins and vaseline) is completely prohibited. The product must not contain artificial colors, preservatives, or fragrances, except for those derived from natural essential oils or plant extracts. The source of all essential oils in the product must be 100% natural, their composition must be known, and their geographical origin must be disclosed to enable traceability.

The certifier verifies whether the product has all the necessary documentation and whether the product sample meets all the requirements for obtaining the certification. What sets the Aromacert certification apart is that they not only review the documentation but also examine the final product from the bottle.

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