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The Natrue certificate assures total transparency of the origin and the entire process of production from the raw materials to ingredients used in the product.

At Hemptouch, we are aware that words alone are not enough. We know that only good intentions, honesty, and confirmation from independent organizations matter when building trust and a relationship with you. That's why we stand behind certifications and expert findings that instill additional confidence, transparency, and confirm the quality and safety of our products.



Natrue, or the Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association, is an international certification for natural cosmetics. It is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to standardize the requirements for natural and organic cosmetics.

The association was established with the aim of restoring and strengthening consumer trust, which was increasingly affected by deceptive advertising practices by manufacturers.

Natrue criteria include:

  • A defined minimum percentage of natural ingredients and a maximum percentage of ingredients of natural origin.
  • Only "gentle" processing methods of natural raw materials are allowed.
  • Each input raw material is verified, including its origin and every step of the processing procedure.
  • Only natural, naturally derived, and nature-identical ingredients are permitted.
  • Ingredients of synthetic origin are not allowed.
  • Genetically modified organisms (GMO) ingredients are not allowed.
  • The percentage of natural ingredients does not include water (to prevent artificially inflating the natural ingredient content).

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